A Rendezvous with Java
Subject:   Launchable Jar file
Date:   2004-08-31 17:43:39
From:   mbrewer
Would you rather just create a Jar file that you can share with other platforms as well as easily launch on Mac OS X just like an application package?

Instead of creating an application package with Jar Bundler, you can use the jar command. But you'll lose the Mac Menu Bar and other nice Macintosh touches.

jar cvfm SimpleChat.jar SimpleChat.manifest *.class

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  • Launchable Jar file
    2004-09-04 03:44:09  VernonS [View]

    The Mac Menu Bar, at least, can be addressed by setting system properties within the applicaton. No impact to the application on any platform other than the Mac, and the Menu Bar will appear as expected.