CrossOver Brings QuickTime Movies to Linux: Part 1
Subject:   A Good Player, at Last!
Date:   2001-09-09 11:19:07
From:   ablair
I'm very heartened to see QuickTime working well on Linux at last, it's taken a while; especially for those of us here in Linuxland salivating over the pro features and quality of it compared to RealPlayer. But even better news is the apparent support of the Linux implementation from Apple. On many Linux-centric newsgroups and soapboxes on the internet (like Slashdot, ArsTechnica) the lack of obvious support from Apple for open source - most obviosuly no Linux version of QuickTime - caused many to call into question Apple's commitment to OSS. With this, and other things like the hiring of BSD's Jordan Hubbard for continued work on BSD, it's looking more & more like Apple is walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Great Job, I can't wait to see the famous Movie Trailers Theatre on on my box.

So why did Apple let CrossOver bring QuickTime to Linux and not do it themselves? I think it was a problem of resources: with their programmers burning the midnight oil on their new UNIX OSes (Darwin and OS X, OS X Server) they probably didn't have the manpower to release a Linux version in a timely fashion. So they helped someone outside in whatever way they could to do it. I hope CrossOver is timely with the QuickTime updates, the future plans for the Win/Mac versions looks delicious. Good on ya, Apple.

A Blair
Ottawa, Canada

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  • Derrick Story photo A Good Player, at Last!
    2001-09-09 22:57:18  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I just spent quite a bit of time with the QuickTime guys who were speaking at WEB2001 last week. I asked them why Apple hasn't ported QuickTime to Linux, and they said essentially the same thing you guessed in your post. It's a matter of resources.

    But they are clearly "getting" the open source message, and I'm seeing actions, not just words, from Apple supporting the open source movement.

    I predict we're going to see more of this type of cooperation in the near future.