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  Building a Unix Server
Subject:   Building a Unix Server - XFree86
Date:   2004-08-27 06:41:13
From:   riksca
I also believe that XFree86 does not belong on a server. Servers should be lean, mean, performance machines without the prettiness, bloat, or security implications provided by a GUI.

I would agree here except for one instance. If your building a webserver that uses Tomcat or any appserver that requires Java, Java requires XFree86.

BTW, I have found FreeBSD to be an outstanding platform for hosting Java-based websites.


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  • Building a Unix Server - XFree86
    2004-09-06 06:21:48  simbo [View]

    Not really. If you dont put on XFree86 then you get class load errors on the sun implimentations of abstract classes that attempt to use XFree86 graphics libraries to do the work. This typically happens when the app is trying to draw charts or the like. To get around this you simply have to use a pure java implimentation of the graphics libraries. A good example is the free PJA Toolkit library. You tell the JVM to use it as the implimentation of the graphics libraries on the start up options.