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  Making the Jump to Subversion
Subject:   Resource Forks
Date:   2004-08-25 13:00:43
From:   chopblock
It seems as though subversion strips the resource forks from files, so unique application associations and icons are lost. Anyone know how to get around this?
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  • Resource Forks
    2005-01-28 08:49:26  mizumitai [View]

    It seems that they are actually handled similarly to what happens when you burn a CD on a Mac... ._myFile.txt is created to deal with the resource fork data.


    In theory that should mean that things like InDesign files that store the "I open with this application" information in resource forks on Macs should be okay. But I would test it...
    • Resource Forks
      2005-02-24 14:53:45  blalor76 [View]

      I don't think this is what the OP was referring do. If I commit a Finder "alias" to a svn repository and check it out, I lose the resource fork.

      A svn property seems like a good place to stick this stuff (maybe not), but either way, svn 1.1.3 doesn't support resource forks.
    • Resource Forks
      2005-01-31 07:29:46  mizumitai [View]

      I tested Subversion resource fork handling with some InDesign files. Subversion seems to handle their resource forks okay...

      At least, when I double-click on the working copy in svnX, it opens properly, which doesn't happen when I double-click on a file that's had its resource fork annihilated with cp etc....

      Can anyone else confirm my results?