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Subject:   Apache 2 Required?
Date:   2004-08-11 08:46:52
From:   aswift
Response to: Apache 2 Required?

You can definitely run both apache versions side by side. By running Apache2 on a different port from the standard Apache 1.3 installation you should see no intererference at all. See page 1 notes on configuring an alternate port for Apache2.
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  • Apache 2 Required?
    2004-09-03 15:56:37  jamestichenor [View]

    I've configured everything as per page 1 -- all seemed to go as it's supposed to. I started apache2, and got the message that the server has started. I made all the changes to the config file. But when I try and connect to localhost:8800 (as the server is local) I get: "could not connect to server (http://localhost:8800)".

    I'm not smart enough to debug this on my own... Will try a reboot but suspect it won't make much difference. If I've configured Apache2 to listen on 8800, what else is there, as long as it's running?