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  XML-Java Data Binding Using XMLBeans
Subject:   Tried XMLBeans, loved it except for...
Date:   2004-07-29 18:41:57
From:   chadstansbury1
... it's incomplete support of XQuery. The documentation is somewhat misleading since many of the XQuery/XPath examples fail to complete with a message of "this query is too complex".

Other than that, it is, IMO, the best and most intuitive way to manipulate XML.

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  • How to generate XMLBeans as Serializable ?
    2005-02-23 09:01:44  viji_laks [View]

    Hi all,

    I understood and tried to use XMLBeans in my project.

    But I would like to know how to generate the xmlbeans as serializable. What to include in the xsd file to generate the beans as serializable so that I can make them as DTOs. I'm confused in that part. I have a web service which has to return an XMLBean(that is my DTO object).

    Any inputs..?

    • How to generate XMLBeans as Serializable ?
      2005-03-24 08:21:00  yellmanr [View]

      Are XMLBeans serializable????? Is there a serializer/deserializer in the packages?