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  Reading and Writing Excel Files with POI
Subject:   Use POI
Date:   2004-07-28 15:30:04
From:   arpanshah78
Thank you for this wonderful article. But anyone tell after I download zip file from internet, how can I use the POI. There should be some classpath set so that when we compile java program that uses POI package, the compiler knows where to find the package.


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  • Use POI
    2005-01-18 19:07:11  Namrata [View]

    Hi Arpan

    you just have to add the file called "poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar" to your classpath ...note that filename may vary depending upon the version you have downloaded for the poi package .

    i would suggest you to download the latest vesion from jakarta POI binary realease page which is

    1.download "poi-bin-2.5.1-final-20040804.zip"
    2.extract it to the folder say
    3. and then simply add to the classpath..

    thats it .
    Namrata Ganatra