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Subject:   Amazing assumptions
Date:   2004-07-28 01:36:18
From:   nbenin
I find it amazing to read things like "currently, the major O/R mapping framework available to .NET developers is NHibernate" and "you can only get NHibernate at present" while we know that there are more than 30 solutions available!
Check the SharpToolbox. to find more.
How come you talk only about NHibernate? Is it really much better than the others?

By the way, the code in the article shows very bad (if present) exception handling.

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  • Good catch
    2004-07-28 05:09:21  Justin Gehtland | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I guess that first one should really read "currently, *A* major O/R mapping framework available to .NET developers is NHibernate". I did not mean to imply that NHibernate is the ONLY O/R mapper available, but that, with the amount of momentum behind the framework pushing over from the Java side of the fence that it is a major player. Regardless of how poorly I worded that sentence, the following one ("you can only get NHibernate at present") was a contrast to ObjectSpaces, not the rest of the O/R mapping world.

    I don't mention the myriad other choices because I chose to demo NHibernate. In retrospect, you are right, I should have run down a list of other available choices. Good call.

    Finally, you are right, there is no exception handling in my sample code. I rarely add it to code in my articles unless it pertains to a specific point I'm making, because it makes it harder to see what I'm actually demonstrating. You aren't the first to complain about this, but I think it normally makes the code clearer.

    Thanks for the feedback...I'll do better next time.