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  Tim O'Reilly Responds to "Freedom or Power?"
Subject:   how about freedom -1
Date:   2001-08-17 07:47:25
From:   aftrbrnr2000
While we're at it, let's also add freedom -1. That would be my right to choose between creating or not creating a piece of software. As a matter of fact I'm excercising that right right now. I have an idea of a tool. I don't know if I want to spend that time writing it -- freedom -1.

To use computers or not at all -- freedom -2. Why in todays work environment do i have to use computers? My freedom to choose between using and not using computers has been taken away.

We could go on and on...

I am starting to lose interest in this whole debate about 'to GPL or not to GPL.' (And that's not a question. Ask any linguist.) Everybody seems to be getting into this pissing contest about which is better. And why the others suck.

Let the market decide. Why does everyone insist on being a typical pundit? If everyone is feeling this urge because of the need to explain everything to the 'common masses', well I guess I'm not in the common masses. And right there you have taken away my freedom (freedom -3) to not be segragated.

I guess discussion is good. But this is starting to look more and more like -- i've said it before -- a pissing contest. But then I wouldn't want to mess with your 'Freedom -4' -- the right to piss.

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  • how about freedom -1
    2001-08-22 10:15:14  gbisaga1 [View]

    It doesn't sound like you don't take a position - it sounds to me like your position is clear. It appears that you agree with the O'Reilly position. Doesn't he basically say what you say: "'To GPL or not to GPL', let the market decide?"

    I agree with you. I fear control by some "benevolent" entity -- whether the government, the FSF, whoever -- as much as by Microsoft. Control is still control.