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  Cross-Browser Layers: Part 2
Subject:   Huh?
Date:   2001-08-16 16:02:10
From:   johnq
Response to: Huh?

Nevermind, I was thinking "tooltips" not menu! :)
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    2005-07-25 00:49:55  Dr_Fre [View]

    I tried dusing the menu on a HP linux with NS4
    because of the following tag no style is applied:
    style='position: absolute;'
    but still it is needed to position the div/menu
    i tried the following but the menu can not be shown .

    document.write('<div id=\'menudiv\' >');
    document.write('<div id=\'menudiv\' style=\'position: absolute;\'>');

    someone also encountered this problem
    or was even able to solve it???