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Weblog:   What The Perl Community Needs Is a Good Enema
Subject:   Hey jerkoff
Date:   2004-07-06 23:29:12
From:   pudge
You didn't ask the White Camel committee if you could discuss our internal deliberations before posting this. You should have first gone before our press relations subcommittee with the request, and then waited for a round of debate, before getting denied!
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  • Nat Torkington photo Hey jerkoff
    2004-07-07 04:46:59  Nat Torkington | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Before we can vote on your motion to censure, we need to first decide which voting system we're using. First past the post? Single transferable vote? Proportional representation? Let's establish a solid groundwork before we try to make any rash decisions, hm?

    (ha! that'll mire them in process they'll never escape!)

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