Peeking Inside the Box: Attribute-Oriented Programming with Java 1.5, Part 1
Subject:   Related blog entry
Date:   2004-07-06 02:40:23
From:   herbyderby
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  • Don Schwarz photo Related blog entry
    2004-07-06 12:41:33  Don Schwarz | [View]

    I'm glad you liked the article, Chris.

    I actually considered rewriting the article to use CGLIB at one point. It does seem a much better match for much of what I was trying to do. Part of the purpose of the article was to expose some of the details, though, so I think the BCEL implementation works a bit better as a learning tool (at least for those who aren't scared away by details).

    One example is the call to create_arg_array, which
    pushes an Object[] onto the stack with all arguments
    to the current method, wrapping as necessary

    Funny. In the second half of the article I will be complaining about BCEL's lack of ability to do that! Thanks for the tip.