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Subject:   not so private...
Date:   2004-07-02 07:54:31
From:   jwenting
"Anonymizing software can provide a key layer of protection by routing your communication with most web sites through an anonymous proxy server that substitutes its Internet address for yours. That way, you never actually "touch" the web site; the proxy does it for you. And so your private information is kept private. "

So now instead of servers you communicate with each having a bit of information about you a single place on the web run by someone who may or may not be trustworthy has all of it.

You've just sent your SSN, creditcard number, mother's maiden name, all your passwords, address and telephone numbers, the application letter for that job requiring a security clearance, and your tax paperwork all to someone who might well decide that they can make a fair sum selling it to someone, or they might use it for some nifty identity theft themselves.

That's the dark side of these "anonymisers". They prey on fear of some dark conspiracy to get all your information to do just that, get all your information.

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  • not so private...
    2004-09-30 17:39:30  mikegordon [View]

    Hi all

    XP pro SP2 IE version 6.0

    reading the chapter 5 Networking of the book Windows XP hacks, Preston Gralla,
    O'REILLY publisher, on page 172:
    Use a proxy server to protect your PC

    Here are the steps:

    1) get proxy server from

    2) click on CHECK to verify that IP address is valid

    Name: mtiweb.centralgatech.org
    Port: 80
    Type: high anonymity
    Country: United States

    3) From IE click TOOLS ---> Internet options --> connections --> Lan settings

    4) PRoxy server: check on Use a proxy server for your Lan ( notes using
    DSL/Cable modem in my case)

    5) Enter on Address box and 80 on PORT box

    6) Check on Bypass proxy server

    7) Click on Advanced box to the right of PORT box

    8) Enter on the HTTP and 80 on port

    9) Click Ok -- click Ok - OK

    10) NOW close all IE windows

    11) Click on IE to open windows say www.google.com

    12) get the message: The page cannot be displayed and the advisory

    Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options.
    On the Connections tab, click LAN Settings.
    Select Automatically detect settings, and then click OK.

    In other word, the proxy server for IE NOT WORKING at all

    Is there any member(s) of this board implemented this procedure for
    protection your PC using proxy server

    Thank you very much