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Subject:   Control Drag isn't working.
Date:   2004-07-01 03:46:19
From:   CravenMorehead
I cant figure out why I can't get my control drag in interface builder to work. I'm jumping in pretty late to this tutorial, but without interface builder I'm out of luck. Any Answers?
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  • Control Drag isn't working.
    2004-11-05 10:49:46  brentlew [View]

    I had the same issue. To resolve it, I deleted my local and then it worked.
  • Control Drag isn't working.
    2004-07-01 07:47:12  Andrew Anderson | [View]

    How are you trying to Control drag?

    The standard way is to hold down Control, Click the object with the mouse button (on a multi-button mouse the left button) and drag a line to the object that you want to connect it to.

    Hope that helps...