Writing Servlet 2.3 Filters
Subject:   Stéphanie Fesler articles
Date:   2001-08-08 01:58:25
From:   jkinder
I read on your web site (O Reilly) four articles by Stéphanie Fesler and I wanted to say they are very comprehensive, clear and helpful.

Thank's. I'm waiting for new article(s)

jean-michel Kinder

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  • Stéphanie Fesler articles
    2003-08-13 23:12:55  anonymous2 [View]

    The articles are very simple and straight to the point, which makes the learning process easier.

    btw, does anyone knows how to configure such that the same filter deployed in a web.xml can be used for multiple web apps. (since each web apps will have its own web.xml)