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  Designing JSP Custom Tag Libraries
Subject:   help trying tu run it
Date:   2004-06-25 00:24:00
From:   sjsobol
Response to: help trying tu run it

Specifically, the class file containing the tag library handler needs to go in WEB-INF/classes. (At least, that's right for Jetty, which is what I use. Should be the same for Tomcat.)
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  • help trying tu run it
    2004-06-25 00:29:12  sjsobol [View]

    I forgot to add this...

    I use Apache to serve HTML/PHP. I am using Jetty to serve JSP files and servlets from the same directory as the HTML and PHP files. In my case, the example given by Sue required me to put the TLD file in the top directory of the website, not under WEB-INF. So it depends on what your specific setup is.