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  LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   LDAP Authentication (10.3.4 Server & Client)
Date:   2004-06-14 20:01:21
From:   Lumenire
Joined: Feb, 2003
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I have set up my Xserve 10.3.4 using LDAP Open Directory Master, and set up my client machines to authenticate with LDAP. The clients will login just fine, until I either restart the computer or shutdown and then restart. At that point the client machine can't authenticate the user.

I then hooked up one client machine directly to the server using a dumb hub and it worked fine. When I hook it back into the campus network same problem again.


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  • LDAP Authentication (10.3.4 Server & Client)
    2004-06-18 12:27:02  highthoughts [View]

    i have seen similar issues with auth to a mac osX server running both netinfo and openldap when spanning tree is turned on. i would disable spanning tree on your switches and try the auth again.
    the reason it works with the dumb hub is simply that is doesn't support spanning tree