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Subject:   Photo help For Sony Cyber-Shot
Date:   2004-06-10 17:10:40
From:   Robtygart
<h1>PHOTO HELP</h1>
Is there a web site where I can get extra photo tips for my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-f717??
Also What is TIFF? mode I have looked at my camera book and I am still not sure.

PS Thanks for all the great Ideas.

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  • Photo help For Sony Cyber-Shot
    2005-12-20 14:00:04  lao270 [View]

    If you shoot in .RAW, after processing the photo is converted to .TIFF.
  • Photo help For Sony Cyber-Shot
    2005-04-24 15:24:13  BoInks [View]

    If you get a reply to your question, would you be so kind as to share it with me please? I too have a Sony DSC f717 and was out shooting photos of moose in the neighborhood about an hour ago and I had some questions regarding light that I could use help on.
    BoInks in Alaska