Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming
Subject:   Example code
Date:   2004-06-06 02:33:22
From:   robnor

First, I complement you on a good article. I am currently searching for research for a masters thesis and this article gave me a good intro in aspect oriented programming.

A couple of things though.

  1. WebExample does not work

  2. Ant buildscript does not work


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  • Example code
    2004-06-14 22:58:28  grahamoregan [View]

    The exmaple was written using Aspectwerkz version 0.8.1, since then the Aspectwerkz codebase has undergone two significant refactorings which are incompatible with the sample code in this article. If you want to try the example, I'd recommend that you try and get the correct release.