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Subject:   Missing C code samples?
Date:   2004-06-05 11:55:48
From:   david_christie
I don't see any of the C code samples in the example download files for _Apache: The Definitive Guide_, 3rd Ed.:

Unzipped with WinZip, these yield up only one .c file for me, "echo.c"

Am I doing something wrong, or were these files omitted / withdrawn for some reason?

I was looking for "mod_reveal.c" (from p. 477).


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  • Missing C code samples?
    2004-10-05 11:31:15  jjolly [View]

    You may want to try here:


    Of course, this is for Apache 1.3, and needs significant modifications to work with Apache 2.0.x. I've create a patch file and put it here:

    Apache 1.3 to Apache 2.0 patchfile for mod_reveal.c

    Great book, by the way. Thanks for the good work.