Windows Server Hacks: Resetting User Passwords
Subject:   How about Changing Permissions on AD Users?
Date:   2004-06-04 14:34:50
From:   WRSchaeffer
As a network administrator for a fleet of oil tankers, I don't have the luxury of accessing AD Objects to perform tasks and I don't have folks with administrative rights onboard. So, is there a way, via command line, to modify the security permissions for specific User? For example I want the user called CAPT to have Read/Write Property, Read/Write Account Restrictions, and Reset Password on another user account call CLRK. I know how to do this in AD, but is there a tool to do this via command line? DSMOD doesn't seem to allow for changes to the security settings. Any ideas? Thanks, I'm desperate.
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  • Mitch Tulloch photo How about Changing Permissions on AD Users?
    2004-06-06 14:26:47  Mitch Tulloch | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I'm not sure how to do that from the command-line, but if user CLRK is in the SHIP organizational unit, then you could use the Delegation of Control wizard to delegate a custom task that would delegate those permissions to user CAPT, who could then reset CLRK's password using any of the methods outlined above.