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Subject:   how to sync with Z600 without iSync
Date:   2004-06-03 08:42:23
From:   n_fr
hello. But - how to sync with Z600 without iSync at all? I can't see how that's done - it should; as Derrick indicates telling 'I have the option of using iSync or direct sending'. Is that trivial? Documented anywhere? All the guides tell me is I need some software, and that software seems to be available only for pc.
Am I the only one not to get it? Maybe others just don't dare asking. So that a hint would help lots.
thanks in advance
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  • how to sync with Z600 without iSync
    2004-11-18 10:21:02  tag [View]

    I have a Sony Ericsson T616 camera phone and this method of transfering photos from phone to ibook works for me.
    If your phone is Bluetooth enabled, turn on Bluetooth (you will find this under "settings" on your main menu), select the photo you wish to send from your pictures )under pictures and sound on the main menu). When you have the photo you want to send first select "view" and then "more". From the "more" menu select "send" from the" send" menu select "Bluetooth".
    If you have previously used isync to sync you phone (or possibly other devices) you will next see a screen that says "searching" at the top of the screen and your computer will show as the option. Touch "select" and your phone will say "connecting" and your ibook screen will show activity and you will be asked to "accept" the incoming file. Then you will see a file spooling to the desktop and you will be asked to "place in finder" or "open". Place it in the finder. Much easier to figure out where it is if you accidently close it too quickly. The icon in the finder will have the same photo identification it had in the phone and you can rename it in the finder and then drag it to the desktop and later store it where you want it. You can also leave all the photos in the finder at any one session, I imagine.

    I have really had fun with the phone and find it easier to send photos attached to emails out of my ibook to friends and less expensive too.

    Good luck. I would very much like to know if this works for you. Remember turn off "Bluetooth" when you finish with the phone phot transfer or you will comsume the battery very quickly.


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