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  Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   tcsh modification...
Date:   2004-05-27 22:15:34
From:   Durer
with mysql installation many advise editing tcshrc file or if i dont have it to create one, but nobody tells u HOW to do it.
would be nice to know.
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  • tcsh modification...
    2004-06-26 14:21:50  eepalmer [View]

    If you are using tcsh (bash is now the default) you can do one of many things.

    1 - go as root and change the main one for you machine - BAD
    2 - make a .tcshrc or .cshrc file in your home directory where you add the lines you need (e.g. path, alias, etc)

    And finally, the one that worked well under 10.1 and should still work...
    3 - create an init directory with files as needed
    a - create the path ~/Library/init/tcsh (you create init and tcsh)
    b - make the following files if needed