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  Top 12 Ways to Degunk Your PC
Subject:   What about spyware removal?
Date:   2004-05-27 11:50:09
From:   kbixler
How can you talk about degunking without mentioning spyware/adware removal tools? In my experience with supporting my relatives PCs, spyware is the biggest performance problems out there for home users.


Spybot Search & Destroy:

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  • Joli A Ballew photo What about spyware removal?
    2004-05-27 12:06:32  Joli A Ballew | O'Reilly Author [View]

    That's a good point, and certainly deserves a few pages.

    We talked about adware and spyware in Chapter 4: Uninstalling Programs You Don't Need and Tweaking Those You Do. We discussed what it is, how you get it, how to find out if you have it (for free), and what to do if you have to remove it.

    I was pretty surprised when my gunked-up, unprotected, and completely trashed test-PC didn't have any!