SSS (Small, Simple, Safe)
Subject:   learning a tool != learning a language || learning to program
Date:   2004-05-27 02:27:15
From:   jwenting
And yet another approach to teach students to use a tool or IDE instead of learning to program.
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  • learning a tool != learning a language || learning to program
    2004-06-03 02:31:49  Eyler [View]

    Learning Java has three rather independent aspects:
    1. Java syntax
    2. OO concepts: classes and objects
    3. Java class library (API)

    BlueJ is wonderful in the first two, but it does not supply much help for mastering the API. Small-Simple-Safe (SSS) is another approach, complementary to BlueJ, which bypasses Java syntax
    altogether, and concentrates on the last two aspects.

    It allows the student to invoke methods (lightning-fast) without writing any code.
    It allows the instructor to write scripts that automate the invocation sequence to teach a certain topic.

    I still encourage my students to use BlueJ, but once the program is written, they inspect their objects with SSS.