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  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   1a, 1b
Date:   2004-05-25 11:55:47
From:   romanticore
is it just me, or does photo 1a look a lot richer and warmer than photo 1b?
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  • 1a, 1b
    2005-04-11 06:42:42  aren [View]

    I have a problem with my Sony digital cyber shot stillDSC- F717 CAMERA. The problem is that the still shots comes with a whit cast over the picture. Could there be a problem with the white balance adjustment ?. The videos colours are brilliant and normal. what should i do?
  • 1a, 1b
    2005-01-16 18:46:19  underworld [View]

    In 1a the blue trim and the advertisment painted on the wall are more vivid due to more saturation of blue in a cooler shot. !a is a warmer shot. Warmer and cooler is very much a part of personal preference. The best thing to do is to experiment yourself. For film photography, the primary film I use has a cool balance. For some shots though I use a warm balanced film.
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      2005-01-16 18:50:14  underworld [View]

      The second sentence above should say that 1b is a warmer shot not !a .....I'm not a typist! ;b
  • 1a, 1b
    2004-12-06 13:24:48  Photographyhorse [View]

    I must say i agree. The effect of 1a is much more natural, bright and normal...the 1b i find personally to look a little blurred