Nested Classes, Part 1
Subject:   Accessing Protected Members
Date:   2004-05-18 12:33:43
From:   bdell
I changed resolution from private to protected access and ColorMonitorScreen compiled just fine, so I don't think the statement, "Since ColorPixelPoint is not a member of BasicMonitorScreen, access to BasicMonitorScreen's private and protected members is not allowed," is entirely correct.

I only tried it with 1.5beta, so maybe it's a language change, but I think it makes sense. A member of a sub-class should have access to protected members of the super-class.

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  • Accessing Protected Members
    2004-05-18 14:33:35  Robert Simmons, Jr. | O'Reilly Author [View]

    That is because protected members of a class are accessible to classes in the same package. I suppose I should have said that the other class needs to be in another package to be more clear.

    I appreciate the feedback.