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Subject:   Version of AspectWerkz?
Date:   2004-05-14 10:08:41
From:   vincentfischer
Is there a specific version of AspectWerkz you are using? I downloaded the example, and it cannot find the package:

amoung other things...

Version of AspectWerkz I'm using is 0.10.RC2

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  • Version of AspectWerkz?
    2004-06-10 08:07:19  Maruthee [View]

    I'm using 0.9 ver . i'm not able to start weblogic server 7.1 . Are there any specific configuaration changes when i moved from 8.0 ver to 0.9 ver in weblogic start script.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Version of AspectWerkz?
    2004-05-14 10:27:11  vincentfischer [View]

    Answering my own question...

    make sure you get 0.9 release, not 10-RC2 or 8.1.