Performance Analysis of J2EE Applications Using AOP Techniques
Subject:   Great but why p6spy ?
Date:   2004-05-13 11:17:14
From:   Alexandre__
This is a great feedback and explanation even if the AOP is not yet fully used as it should, especially AspectWerkz features:

  • we support runtime weaving of Aspects. That means with some little fancy tool to make things easier to use you can set up pretty easily an on-demand profiling solution and we do guarantee that original bytecode will run (not even a boolean check) when advice/aspects are undeployed, without requiring an application downtime / redeployement.

  • you should not use P6Spy since I think it does not support to wrap XA drivers. May be advising some key methods of driver classes that implement jdbc API using hierarchcal pattern is enough.

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  • Great but why p6spy ?
    2004-05-13 19:50:46  Ramchandar [View]


    I wanted to capture the SQL statements that are getting fired from a J2EE container. This helps in root cause analysis to figure out if the performance culprit is on the java side or on the SQL side. With P6Spy the profiler can not only capture which SQL was fired but would also tell how much it took to execute the SQL.

    It still leaves out the XA issue you have pointed out.