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  DataGrids, Improved
Subject:   This information is not useful at this time
Date:   2004-05-13 07:55:54
From:   timshea
This technology is so far off, and so subject to change, I don't know why we are reading about it today. I read the article and then looked up the expected Whidbey release date. Not for another year!
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  • This information is not useful at this time
    2004-05-26 19:46:04  jpatel [View]

    I agree. VS2005 is too far off for most developers to worry about. Many organizations are still on VS2002. We just recently moved to VS2003. I can't imagine that I'll be working on any VS2005 projects until late 2005.

    Stuff like this is great for software vendors, but they're probably not going to rely on articles to get them up to speed.

    Liberty, I think you're doing a great job, but VS2005 articles are probably not going to be useful for the majority of developers at least for another year.
  • This information is not useful at this time
    2004-05-13 09:25:40  JesseLiberty [View]

    I'm sorry you feel that this is a waste of your time, of course you are more than free to ignore this column which will be devoted to this emerging technology; perhaps returning as things stabilize and Microsoft comes closer to release.

    Some folks like to read about what is on the horizon, and/or they are participating in the preview.

    You might want to take a look at the Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center for more information.