Getting Started with Microsoft InfoPath 2003
Subject:   InfoPath 2003
Date:   2004-05-12 14:39:34
From:   bazango
Response to: InfoPath 2003

I am pretty sure it came with later editions of 2003. My machine was built recently, and it was there in the office suite. Some co-workers, who's machines were built earlier, have 2003, but no infopath. I found out when they tried to use my forms :-o
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  • InfoPath 2003
    2004-07-28 11:14:52  AV8Orr [View]

    Infopath only comes bundled with Office 2003 "Enterprise Edition" (commonly purchased by large businesses). It is not included with Office 2003 purchased as a standalone copy. This is an unfortunate marketing gaff on microsoft's part if you ask me.
    • InfoPath 2003
      2005-09-03 12:50:43  datastreamcowboy [View]

      Infopath is availible standalone as eOpen License only or as part of Office 2003 Premium Enterprise edition.