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  An Introduction to GraphViz and dot
Subject:   Autodia and other software
Date:   2004-05-11 05:24:15
From:   teejay

You seem to have forgotten about or overlooked Autodia and other free software that already does this.

Perl has several GraphViz modules for diagramming databases, classes, etc

There are also dozens of perl (and other) scripts to generate diagrams from sql, etc in anything from dot to dia.

..and of course there is Autodia which has been able to draw class diagrams (in dot, dia and other forms) from python, perl, php, c++, Java, SQL and other sources for quite some time.

NB I am the author of AutoDia and maintainer of a graphviz module. But if Michele can plug python warez, I'll plug perl stuff ;)

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  • Autodia and other software
    2004-05-11 06:22:38  michelesimionato [View]

    There are *lots* of applications using GraphViz.
    I couldn't list them all, so I just put a link
    to GraphViz home-page (which list AutoDia, BTW).
    Furthermore I said

    "Bindings exist for many programming languages—including Java, Perl, and Python. A more lightweight alternative is just to generate the dot code from your preferred language."

    then I gave an example in Python, essentially
    because it is a readable language even for
    readers that do not know it.

    The message I wanted to pass was that
    for small projects, it maybe faster to
    generate 'dot' code by hand with your preferred
    language than to use an existing tool.