Faxing in Panther
Subject:   What about receiving faxes through Bluetooth Cellulars
Date:   2004-05-11 01:36:19
From:   Mike32767
Response to: What about receiving faxes through Bluetooth Cellulars

I just got this giong, works a treat. I was getting exactly the same symptoms as the others listed here - the phone would briefly flash with "Dialing" and then stop. Fixing this was simply a matter of asking my service provider (Orange UK) to enable Fax services on my SIM - you do need to ask for it seperately, even though my phone was already set up and working fine with GPRS.

Another question here was how to send faxes from the command line. The panther fax service is simply a GUI interface to the following commands.

To make the fax:

fax make filename

this creates a TIFF image of the file, which can be in PDF, text etc. - the files creates are <filename>.001 etc. Then:

efax -d/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem -x/var/spool/lock/ -vewincf -iZ -i 'E0&D2S7=120&C0M1X4' -oh -l 'yourfaxnonumber' -t destfaxnumber filename>'

destfaxnumber is in the form of an AT command, so you need a T prefix and no plusses etc., eg


Hope that helps. Don't know if I'll ever use it but from a gadget point of view it's great fun.

Cheers... Mike

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  • What about receiving faxes through Bluetooth Cellulars
    2004-05-28 13:15:14  larrycummings [View]

    I just called Sony Ericsson directly cause my US service provider (T-Mobile) wasn't able to help me ("Fax services are automaticaly turned on for everyone alread").

    The people I talked to at Sony Ericsson basically said: You can't do outbound faxing from the T610 with bluetooth. Period.

    Any idea what I can do to enjoy the same featuer many of you have enjoyed. All I get right now is the '1-sec. flash of dialing' screen.
    • What about receiving faxes through Bluetooth Cellulars
      2004-05-28 15:47:39  larrycummings [View]

      Nevermind. Three more phone calls and two hours later.. they finally figured it out. As stated in other posts here, it's 9.99 a month and you will get another phone number.

      At tT-Mobile pretty much only tier 2 or 3 support can help you with this, so don't spend a lot of time with the first level of support if you can avoid it.