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  Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code
Subject:   Replace Listeners with Weak Listeners
Date:   2004-05-06 01:16:20
From:   ipreuss
This one can also easily introduce bugs. Consider the following common idiom:

myClass.addFooListener(new FooListener() {
public void fooHappened() {

If MyClass remembers its listeners using weak references, the new listener immediately is easy game for the garbage collector - which certainly is not the intent of the code.

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  • Replace Listeners with Weak Listeners
    2004-05-07 15:09:21  Robert Simmons, Jr. | O'Reilly Author [View]

    True. That would not be a good thing. However, I am not a fan of anonymous classes as you read later in the article. I counsider it to be much better to refactor those into inner classes at the very least.

    Second of all, creating objects that you have no direct reference to is an iffy thing at best. This type of code is very prone to memory leaks.