coLinux: Linux for Windows Without Rebooting
Subject:   Co Linux is CO-OPTION
Date:   2004-05-04 11:03:50
From:   jbailo
This sounds like a m$ plot to try and thwart the interest in Linux.

It's a stupid idea -- the benefits of Linux come from running pure Linux. WINE can take care of Windos applications. But ultimately, we need to replace everything that has to do with Windos -- not carry the baggage along into the 21st century -- the Linux Century....

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  • Co Linux is CO-OPTION
    2006-09-08 05:52:30  onederer [View]

    I'm using an HP-64 zv6000 laptop. It is the most [b]Linux resistant laptop[/b] that I've ever seen. I believe that this machine was designed by HP engineers who hate Linux! I only found one distro (Freespire) that can do wireless networking, using the Broadcom built-in wlan0 card. The hard drive's available space is limited, so I'm not crazy about creating any partition to install Linux. I think free coLinux would be my salvation for everyone of those problems.

  • Co Linux is CO-OPTION
    2005-12-01 15:30:57  vestel [View]

  • Co Linux is CO-OPTION
    2004-05-04 12:57:19  yokem55 [View]

    While that may be an ideal, the reality is that A LOT of people are stuck on Windows for reasons that are beyond their control. Cooperative linux for them is a godsend since it provides a full linux environment to work with in the meantime.