Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code
Subject:   IntelliJ IDEA
Date:   2004-04-29 16:25:40
From:   Robert Simmons Jr. (Kraythe)
Response to: IntelliJ IDEA

Since I have never used IntelliJ, I will take your word for it. =) However, Eclipse can do these things as well, especially the new M8 version; and for a lower cost.

However, whichever tool you use, make sure to turn on thos options and use the tools available! =)

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  • IntelliJ IDEA
    2004-04-29 18:20:38  michaelcherichetti [View]

    You should try it, you'll never utter the word Eclipse again if you do, take my word for it :) The only reason I suggested IntelliJ was that you said in #3 that you didn't know of any tools that could automate the process and also said that Eclipse couldn't do it, so can it do it or not?

    Anyway, I agree that the tool doesn't matter as long as it gets the job done, but please don't do yourself the injustice of ruling a tool out just because it costs money. In my opinion, IntelliJ is a *steal* at $499.

    By the way, I love your book. I am a long user of final to prevent logic errors. When someone argues with me nowadays about it I direct them to your book, so thanks for that chapter :)