Java Web Applications
Subject:   type "jar cvf onjava.war" where with what?
Date:   2004-04-28 22:00:30
From:   doubleoevan
Packaging a Web application
Now that we know what a web application is, we can package it for deployment. The standard method for packaging web applications is to use a Web ARchive file (WAR). You can create a WAR file by using Java's archiving tool jar. An example of this would be to change to the root directory of your web application and type the following command:

jar cvf onjava.war .

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  • type "jar cvf onjava.war" where with what?
    2004-09-19 11:51:04  IwaraArikpo [View]

    Where do I place the WAR files, and how do I finally deploy them?
    • type "jar cvf onjava.war" where with what?
      2005-12-21 01:27:20  sharad_pratap [View]

      when we creating war file by the use of command on command prompt >jar -cvf sharad.war

      then what is cvf(its full form)
      • type "jar cvf onjava.war" where with what?
        2006-04-14 03:11:35  java_javaonly [View]

        jar means it is creating java archives

        c --- creating
        v - verbose name
        f --file

        here onjava.war file is created in directory where ur java is running ie jvm eg:

        d:>jar -cvf first.war second

        here u are creatin g war file of name first which will contain all files prsent in second(file name)
        if it is present inD drive

        actually they are nothing but like our zip files
        which will occupy less pace on harddisk
        that s it

  • type "jar cvf onjava.war" where with what?
    2005-01-28 03:32:10  Nataraj-STAG [View]