Seven Low-Cost Ways to Improve Legacy Code
Subject:   IntelliJ IDEA
Date:   2004-04-28 19:39:49
From:   michaelcherichetti
IntelliJ IDEA can help out with 4 of these:

1. Picks up on unused variables as you code. The code inspector can find them too.

2. Built in formatter.

3. The code inspector can find things that will be final and walk you through applying final to everything you want. It's slick as are a lot of other things in the code inspector.

5. Has a "Convert Anonymous Class to Inner" refactoring.

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  • IntelliJ IDEA
    2004-04-30 07:20:35  boriskraft [View]

    Besides using the built-in inspector (already mentioned), Idea lets you opt to show (color code) that a local parameter or var can be final. See Settings->Errors for that option.

    Great article by the way, I'll check out your book.
    - Boris
  • IntelliJ IDEA
    2004-04-29 16:25:40  Robert Simmons, Jr. | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Since I have never used IntelliJ, I will take your word for it. =) However, Eclipse can do these things as well, especially the new M8 version; and for a lower cost.

    However, whichever tool you use, make sure to turn on thos options and use the tools available! =)
  • IntelliJ IDEA
    2004-04-28 19:40:35  michaelcherichetti [View]

    Oops, "that will be final and walk you through" should be "that *can* be final and walk you through"