GNOME's Miguel de Icaza on .NET
Subject:   What about Java?
Date:   2001-07-09 09:22:49
From:   joey1234
Miguel de Icaza says that he has no experience with Java. So why is he claiming .NET is the next big thing when he hasn't even looked at .NET's competition(Java)?

Seems kinda foolish to me.

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  • What about Java?
    2001-11-11 15:34:56  prmccormack [View]

    Sit down and have a good look at how the metadata and assemblies work esp object lifetime mangement. Check how interop works. Calculate C#/.NET development costs.
    It is a good idea for distributed apps whoever it's from. Miguel happens to be an excellent programmer who can recognise a good idea when he sees it.
    Pat (Implementing commercial Linux solutions since 1995)
  • What about Java?
    2003-08-13 04:29:12  anonymous2 [View]

    I would have asked, if he's been paid by Microsoft, but he himself told not to have experience with Java.
    In my opinion C# is one big mess. Since several days I have to develop with C# coming from the Java-area. Where are the revolutionary edges of the big gloryfied superlanguage? Where is anything that Java did not have - but five years earlier? There are only slight differences between Java and C#. In my eyes its a big cheekiness what has been declared the last years around .Net - take a good language (Java), change some methodnames and throw it on the market using your fantastillion dollars for your marketing.
    For me C# is nothing more than a cheek copy of Java.

    @Miguel de Icaza: Before telling the whole world a big opinion that many people are able to listen to, someone should eventually inform himself on the topic he wants to talk about.