Running Java Applications on Mac OS X
Subject:   Stuffit wouldn't work for me
Date:   2001-07-08 10:23:47
From:   canyonrat
I couldn't get the project to run when I just let StuffIt unzip it. It kept saying that it couldn't find junit.samples.AllTests.

Using jar from within terminal worked fine though.

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  • Stuffit wouldn't work for me
    2002-01-01 09:15:38  dieckmann [View]

    When I used Stuffit it cuts the long names and JUnit could not find the class.

    Jan Dieckmann
  • Daniel H. Steinberg photo Stuffit wouldn't work for me
    2001-07-20 09:33:44  Daniel H. Steinberg | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Did you unzip it to the same directory specified in the jar description. I know, I probably should have been more specific.