Securing AirPort Extreme Networks with WPA
Subject:   Don't trust the network
Date:   2004-04-24 09:23:23
From:   BuckeyeBandit
Response to: Don't trust the network

So what I'm hearing is that it's not secure to do financial transactions over the Internet even with WPA. I'm a Mac User running Panther. Any way I can use AirPort Extreme with secure transactions over the Internet?
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  • Don't trust the network
    2004-11-09 08:01:12  j450n [View]

    Any financial transactions through the internat should be executed on a SSL secured website (HTTPS://*) using a secure browser like Mozilla or Firefox. IE might be acceptable if properly upgraded, patched and secured. SSL encrypts packets end-to-end (wired and wireless), so it is safe.