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  Perfect Text Editors for Coders
Subject:   SciTE
Date:   2004-04-21 20:32:16
From:   robertsanders
Also try SciTE (http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html).

I discovered it a few months ago, and have been very pleased. It lacks a few nicities (config is pretty much all via config file(s)). It is fast, which is a real plus for me as I have a bad habit of closing a text editor only to discover that I need to edit "one more thing".

I would also recommend jEdit (www.jedit.org). It has many more options (via plugins) than SciTE; and a nice Windows right-click menu extension; but is kind of slow to startup (being Java), but pretty snappy once it is loaded.

Both projects are open source, and appear to be under fairly active development.

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  • SciTE
    2006-08-16 09:58:39  e.m.b [View]

    I second the push for scite. I've done a LOT of text editor shopping around, and have grown to hate bulky editors. This thing is fast, light, but feature packed.

    It can do RegEx search and replace, autocomplete, Multiple File Search, highlights any language known to man, you can script your own extensions if you feel so inclined. It can run batch files, and other things with key commands (I can compile any project by pressing control+1, then view it with control+2).

    Out of the box, the thing is amazing and easy to use... and as you use it more, you can slowly learn the relatively simple customization.


    Note: It isn't as good in linux, or a linux port to mac os X.

  • SciTE
    2004-05-06 21:17:52  xeal [View]

    Yessss.... I discovered SciTE several months ago and it became my favorite code (and not only) editor.
    It has source highlighting for a lot of languages and you can anytime and quite easily create styles for new languages.
    And it's fast. Really fast!

    >config is pretty much all via config file(s)
    But this is one of its most powerful features! I love it! It makes the whole thing so configurable.