Weblog:   Why MySQL grew so fast (news from the 2004 MySQL Users Conference)
Subject:   Dual Licensing
Date:   2004-04-20 22:49:05
From:   SeunOsewa
Response to: Dual Licensing

This reasoning is extremely faulty. Do you know any airline any age that can function without an information system? Do you know any information system that is not based on a relational database? If the MySQL server in an airline's information system is down, can it function?

Or look at it this way. For the game, MySQL also "only" helps to keep track of everything. They could as well use another database system, a hand-crafted file management routine, etc. "Keeping track of everything" is essentially what a database system such as MySQL does, for both scenarios.

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  • Dual Licensing
    2004-10-27 07:10:34  Grumpy [View]

    You are correct in stating that the airline needs an information system. However it need not be MySQL, it could just as easily (for the sake of argument) be Postgresql, so they don't need to pay the licence fee. If MySQL demanded the licence fee, they have the option of taking their business elsewhere and very likely would. As Larsd pointed out, the airline is not tied to MySQL whereas the game developers are.
  • Dual Licensing
    2004-04-21 12:03:56  oldandslow [View]

    The difference is the airlines are selling tickets for travel, not software. The gaming company is selling software. The core business is different between the two. The gaming company is planning on revenue from what they sell (software) and MySQL wants a cut of the pie (maybe recurring revenue on subscription model). The other thing to consider is the airline prob. purchased the ticketing/web software from another party and the third party would (or should) have purchased a license.

Showing messages 1 through 2 of 2.