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Weblog:   Why MySQL grew so fast (news from the 2004 MySQL Users Conference)
Subject:   Dual Licensing
Date:   2004-04-19 13:41:20
From:   larsd
Dual-licensed software will always have grey areas, just by their very nature of being dual-licensed.

As far as MySQL is concerned, the decision whether to pay license fees or not could be helped by answering the question 'Is MySQL essential to the core business?'.

For the asirline online booking system the answer is obviously 'no', whereas for the MMOG the answer is 'yes': the airline is in the business of moving cargo and people around, MySQL is important only insofar as it makes it easier to keep track of everything. The MMOG on the other hand is tightly coupled with MySQL: without the DB, there would be no game.

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  • Dual Licensing
    2004-04-20 22:49:05  SeunOsewa [View]

    This reasoning is extremely faulty. Do you know any airline any age that can function without an information system? Do you know any information system that is not based on a relational database? If the MySQL server in an airline's information system is down, can it function?

    Or look at it this way. For the game, MySQL also "only" helps to keep track of everything. They could as well use another database system, a hand-crafted file management routine, etc. "Keeping track of everything" is essentially what a database system such as MySQL does, for both scenarios.

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