End of Shutter Lag? The Contax SL300R T* Might Be the Sign of Good Things to Come
Subject:   contax sl300rt and hmmmn 5mg dsct1-sony
Date:   2004-04-14 20:21:22
From:   bwitchd
I am brand and user loyal big time to contax-re my real film slrs--ya the huge ones that took beautiful selectable any way you want pictures,, and oh man that lens--grin ya a foot long to get at what ?? 100mm something like that--lens attachment-- yiiiikes what we used before digital--and trust me I** had some muscles for this 100lb blonde luggin that photo equip all over the place--
anyway I have been all over exploring the tiniest cameras--looking for distance , photo quality, abilities-- so I can keep the camera always with me--
now I had kinda decided on the dsct1 by sony for the above reasons,, and I stopped into national camera exchange to look around-- (man screwed me up) so there was the little sony which I had researched and hunted for the best pricing etc,,
549.00 plus tax.. unless i get online--
k so I played with it a bit looked around to see what else might be there-- uh oh--
hey whats that-- I didnt know contax even made that tiny one--
damn-- I say-- I trust contax-- I like contax--
I like the feel of this better than sony--..but they are withing 50.00 of each other and the sony is a 5mg pix,, and the contax is 3.1 so which is really the better choice???
it isnt like they will let me take and try 'em each for a week to see which is the one I want--
the focal length is also the same--
help me help me figure this out!!!!
actually the only thing holding me back is pretty much the mg pix-- so far--
who is more user friendly--who is less expensive to use in the long run, and who takes the best pictures??
they both have the zeis lens's too---
help me people !!!!
btw loved your article too and I am definately
going to explore all your site and may even get your book!!! grin--
SO HELP ME OUT HERE!!! grin* thank ya!!
cougar z truly bwitchd.
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  • Derrick Story photo RE: contax sl300rt and hmmmn 5mg dsct1-sony
    2004-04-15 17:29:44  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Whenever anyone asks me about megapixels, I respond with another question: How big of prints do you make?

    In this case, if you plan on making enlargements bigger than 8" x 10" with your pocket digicam, then I would say go with the Sony. 5 megapixels will get you up to 11x14.

    But if most of your work remains on the computer, or is 8 x 10 or smaller, I really like the Contax. They both have Zeiss zooms, true, but the electronics of the SL300RT* are actually tuned to the lens. When you shoot at ISO 100, this is apparent, at least to my eyes.

    Both the Sony and the Contax are very good cameras. One uses SD, the other Memory Stick. Figure out what you want out of the purchase, print wise, and I think that's your answer.
    • RE: contax sl300rt and hmmmn 5mg dsct1-sony
      2005-12-07 03:06:08  cougarwitchusa [View]

      hey, its me again-been awhile-
      anyway-I decided on the contax sl300rt, and have been using it since shortly after I wrote you here.
      I have not had the need to make larger than the 8x10 or 9x11 sizes so it has worked really well.
      now the negatives-in extreme darkness-like shooting bands- I cannot see anything in the lcd screen to be able to focus--so it ends up a hope ya got the shot.
      and reds-- in macro-- or even standard--like my roses- while outside--
      ouch talk about bleed-- and lack of definition, ansel adams would be crawling in his grave!! at my horrific blow ups.!!
      however for the ability to get shots over the heads of crowds or from below-- the twist lens
      is a great asset.
      the size is convenient, but I have dropped it a couple of times, it managed to handle it.
      of late tho'
      there is noise when powering it up, and taking pictures, and selection of single, multiple, and video, like the mechanism is ??grinding, or weak.
      I went to a battery store thinking the battery was weak and that was the cause-they however doubted that that was the problem and they wanted like $50.00 for a new battery. so I decided to wait.
      I have now ordered one online tonight for like $20.00 so maybe?? It will solve the problem.
      another thing--the battery really runs out very quickly--I have an sd256 in it so I never seem to get that full-before the battery dies out.
      I would say this is a generally good camera-- but I am now after another --I am looking at a couple of the
      the panasonic lumix dmcfx9(red) 6.37 mp with 3xoptical,4xdigital zoom, and the anti shake stuff and I also believe it has the assist focus for darklite ,
      I found a pretty good deal $310.00 and if you verbally call them you get a bonus of tripod and other assorted goodies. at Broadway video.
      I am also a bit interested in the nikon coolpix s4--it has the twist lens and 6mp, as well as a 10x optical zoom(is that real??) and 4x digi zoom--ie 38-380 focus capability--which makes me drool .grin.
      but a reviewer mentioned lousy darklite.
      pricing around $315.00--- so again I am in the quandry-- but if it comes down to lighting then It will so far have to be the lumix.--
      and the good -- the lumix uses the same sd card as my contax.--saves a couple of bucks.
      so what do you know and think of me now!!grin
      what do you think of these choices??
      you gave me good advice before and I look forward to some more!!
      and ya enlargements--here I come.
      and I also do have a feeling that a new battery might be the fix for the contax. we will see.
      I awaaaait your thoughts!!
      oh and thank you for being out there to answer my q's I appreciate it.