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Subject:   Not a good template for building a domain layer
Date:   2004-04-13 12:15:45
From:   while(true)
Response to: Not a good template for building a domain layer

By putting your business logic in your service layer, as opposed to your domain layer, you miss out on all the important benefits of OO for your business layer, and end up back in the procedural world.

"all the important benefits of OO" We are missing all of them. I'm not really seeing this. I read Martin's article and I'm still not really seeing what benefits I'm missing by having a service layer.

Martin's article didn't give enough concrete examples to convince me that a service layer is a bad thing.

Anyway great article! My 2 cents!

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  • Not a good template for building a domain layer
    2004-04-13 12:31:34  Groo [View]

    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply a service layer is not a good thing. What I meant to say was that the business logic logic should be in the domain objects rather than in the service layer.

    In a simple example such as this it may not be as obvious, but as you get a more complex domain model it becomes more apparent. For example, even something as trivial as polymorphism is hard to take advantage of without a proper domain model.