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Subject:   Select Type-Ahead
Date:   2004-04-08 15:33:13
From:   vhb
Great piece of code, I've been looking for this kind of functionality for some time. I notice that if the dropdown is open then the typed slection does stick if you Tab off the control. Is there anyway to fix that? Thanks.
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  • Select Type-Ahead
    2004-04-08 15:36:32  vhb [View]

    Correction, the typed selection DOES NOT stick if the dropdown is open and you Tab off the control.
    • Select Type-Ahead
      2004-04-19 23:10:01  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

      You need to add one line of code that short-circuits the Tab character. After the line in the typeAhead() function that reads var charCode = evt.keyCode;, add the following line:

      if (charCode == 9) { return true; }

      That appears to do the trick.