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Subject:   server yes, Server no
Date:   2004-04-06 20:27:59
From:   idarmadi
Response to: server yes, Server no

Anybody, please advice (or refer me to a website) of what is the exact differences between OSX and OSX Server?

I've been searching for this info for quite a while, but can't find it.

IMO, the price tag is not expensive consider it is a Server OS.
But then again, where can I find a table of comparison/differences?

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  • server yes, Server no
    2004-04-26 16:06:56  scottellsworth [View]

    Tis a bit difficult to get an exact answer on that, because the offerings change with each release. Further, both client and server often have the same software installed, but server has a gui and a remote management interface for that software.

    I would start with <http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/>. The meaty technical details are best found by looking at the items on the right side of the page, where specfic technologies are listed.

    I did not find server excessively expensive for its market niche, but I usually deploy client machines if all I need is a simple web server or the like. When I want to manage a bunch of systems remotely, then MacOS X server begins to look attractive.