Results from the Second Mac DevCenter Survey
Subject:   server yes, Server no
Date:   2004-04-05 20:02:59
From:   atoms
I was encouraged to hear that based on the survey results you will inlcude more information on using Mac OS X as a server. I use several older macs as servers (file servers, web, DNS, ftp, version control and email) and they are working great.

However, I've never been able to justify spending the absurdly high prices that Apple wants for Mac OS X Server. I just use Panther and it works just fine. Please don't torment me by including content for Mac OS X Server.

Give us the content for using Macs as servers, but please, join me in sending Apple the message that their Server software pricing is entirely wack.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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  • server yes, Server no
    2004-04-06 20:27:59  idarmadi [View]

    Anybody, please advice (or refer me to a website) of what is the exact differences between OSX and OSX Server?

    I've been searching for this info for quite a while, but can't find it.

    IMO, the price tag is not expensive consider it is a Server OS.
    But then again, where can I find a table of comparison/differences?

    • server yes, Server no
      2004-04-26 16:06:56  scottellsworth [View]

      Tis a bit difficult to get an exact answer on that, because the offerings change with each release. Further, both client and server often have the same software installed, but server has a gui and a remote management interface for that software.

      I would start with <>. The meaty technical details are best found by looking at the items on the right side of the page, where specfic technologies are listed.

      I did not find server excessively expensive for its market niche, but I usually deploy client machines if all I need is a simple web server or the like. When I want to manage a bunch of systems remotely, then MacOS X server begins to look attractive.