An Introduction to Extreme Programming
Subject:   Extreme
Date:   2001-06-28 11:06:39
From:   mvr707
The article has a "feel good" touch about it:)
Its nice...

But what is different?


Spiral model:
R1->D1->C1->T1->S1 Get Feedback
R2->D2->C2->T2->S2 Get Feedback ... and so on...

So whats so different in Extreme?

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    2001-06-28 11:21:11  mvr707 [View]

    There is something called "Spiral Delta Model"
    This is waterfall folded in the middle and spiralled (Iterated).

    RS: Requirements Spec
    FS: Functional Spec
    D: Design
    C: Coding
    UT(P): Unit Test (Plan)
    IT(P): Integration Test (Plan)
    ST(P): System Test (Plan)
    AT (P): Acceptance Test (Plan)


    Convert that to a Delta shape with iterations


    This is a tight Delta Spiral. And after a few
    cycles, we hopefully hit the bulls eye!:)

    As we know, different models are appropriate for
    different stuations. So what are the salient differences of Extreme Prog and when is is appropriate?

    The article makes good reading but leave hugh and dry